Protection dog/working dog

We specialize in protection training not only for the home environment but also for sport and competition work as well.

Because life isn’t for sissies and your protection dog shouldn’t be one either. We offer you the latest protection work training whether you would like to practice at home or at our training fields the choice is yours. We train for real, no gimmicks and no holding back. Every session is designed to to replicate the worst possible scenario and to get you closer to your protection dog. We will train your dog to the highest levels of defense or sport.

Owning a protection dog is not only great for home protection but also fantastic in regards to the family as most protection dogs are well bonded to all members of the family. It is also a sport that everyone can get involved in whether it be for protection purposes or simply as a hobby – anyone can do it.  Protection training goes hand in hand with a well trained dog. The same protection work that we do also covers home invasion and anti-hijacking.

A dog that is well looked after and loved will serve you and your family to the highest level of bravery and courage. When you need them, they will be there!


Courage is an outstanding property. One of many that we strive to instill in our protection dogs. A dog with courage and strong attitude will never back down in the face of danger. With the correct training any medium sized dog can become a protection dog!


All of our scenarios are true to life. Your dog will be tested both physically and emotionally before any training takes place. We train with the most up to date methods available. Your dog will learn to stand its ground with us.