Owning a well trained dog is an amazing accomplishment!


The process of training your dog or having a well trained dog is important for many reasons. Below is a quick summary as to why your dog should be properly trained:


When training your dog you are providing them with not only a solid foundation on how to interact with the world but you are also keeping your dog well stimulated. Dogs need the correct amount and type of stimulation on a constant basis, this can be anything from dog training to simply walking your dog.

Tip: The correct stimulation can do wonders when dealing with a dog that destroys the garden.


Your dog should know and react to the important commands at any given time. The basic commands are sit, down, stay and leave. These are always a great foundation which is one of the first things we teach at the Mobile Dog Training. Knowing and teaching these basic commands to your dog will always ensure that you maintain better control over them when you need it in any situation.

Tip: A well trained dog that has undergone the correct training process with you as the owner is more likely to listen when needed.


Actively training your dog will provide you with a better understanding of how your dog’s mind works. And once armed with this information you can successfully manage your dog and react accordingly to all types of situations. Dog training isn’t just good for your dog but also good for you, having a well trained dog will bring you closer to your pet and also ensures that you and your dog are happy in the years to come.

Tip: A good level of understanding between yourself and your dog is the first step towards a dog that respects you and your family.

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