Obedience training

We manage effective obedience training programs that are simple to understand and easy to implement for the whole family.

Training is an extremely important part of any dogs life and is also important for the owners. Not only does it provide mental stimulation which helps to keep your dog happy but when used in conjunction with daily exercise will also help to keep your dog healthy as well.

Our primary training method is reward based whereby the dog is set up to succeed and then rewarded for performing a ‘good’ behavior. This is also known as ‘positive reinforcement training’ and is generally the best way to go.

Click on the buttons below to see what you can expect when putting your dog through our obedience training program:

Teach your dog to sit

Learning the sit is one of the first things you should teach your dog. This creates a very strong foundation that you can work with going forward.

Teach your dog to down

Just as handy as the sit and sometimes even more helpful. Teaching the down correctly helps with the stay and also general control in different environments.

Teach your dog to stay

The stay is often left out by most people as this can be difficult to teach. We will work with you to accomplish this together!

Teach your dog to leave

Teaching your dog to leave is great for when they have a sock or other item you wish them not to grab or possibly drop.

Teach your dog their name

Name recognition is a very powerful tool to teach your dog. This is something that can be used in every single scenario without fail.

Household manners

Teaching your dog not to jump up on things and to leave food be is a great and wonderful experience!


We will assist you with the latest socializing techniques in order to get your dog up to speed and happy around other dogs.


We will help you get your dog under control when on walks. Having a dog that is well controlled and trained on the walk is very important.

Potty training

Training your puppy how and when to use the correct bathroom area is simple with us. We use science backed techniques to help speed up the process.

Impulse control

No-one wants to be jumped on or have their things chewed. We will train your dog to control not only these impulses but many, many more!

Obedience foundation

Our training goal is to create a solid obedience foundation between you and your dog. We use science backed, reward based training methods. We’re absolutely here for you and your dog! We are always available on call or WhatsApp.

All levels

The trainers at Mobile Dog Trainer can train your dog for the home environment and also for the highest levels of competition. We have 15+ years of high-level experience helping clients train their dogs. We support our clients every step of the way!