Is your dog ready for you to go back to work?

5 Ways to establish a better Post-COVID-19 routine

#1 – Go Through Your Work Morning Plans

Start setting your alarm for the time you need to get up to get to work on time. Go through your usual rituals of getting ready, having coffee, and feeding your dog. Whatever your normal morning will look like, start going through those motions on a daily basis. Your dog will notice the change and start expecting it to happen every day. This will also help you get back into the swing of things, especially if your work-from-home COVID-19 routine was more relaxed.

#2 – Pretend to Drive to Work

Every work day at approximately the right time, get in your car, and pretend to drive to work. Take a trip around the block, make a run for some coffee, or just drive down the street and check your email from a safe parking spot. The idea is to show your dog that you are going to leave and, more importantly, come back.

#3 – Practice Crate Training

Most dogs love their crates! They feel safe and secure inside them. Now is the perfect time to start using your dog’s crate during the day on a regular basis. If you don’t leave the house, have your dog go into the crate a few times a day for a nap. This will get your dog used to being alone and relaxed during the day. Training your dog in this way is very simple.

#4 – Implement a Regular Walking Schedule

Think about what time you will walk your dog when you are back to work away from home. Will you walk in the morning before you leave? Will you take a stroll in the evening after dinner? Will your lucky pup get a walk before and after work? Choose a regular schedule and start adhering to it.

#5 – Prepare Comfort Items

Your dog finds great comfort in your smell. One of the ways that humans can help their dogs feel safe and secure when they are alone is to leave something that smells like them behind. It may sound weird, but dirty clothes or well-used pillows are great choices.